Dot Dash Team

Dot Dash officially started Summer of 2016, but it's roots go back. Joel and Drew, the creators of Dot Dash Productions, met sophomore year of high school. Since the beginning, the two shared a passion for creating. Creating anything. Through the years, this passion has lead to a slew of off-the-wall projects, and a few great ones. Dot Dash is one of the greats. For the last 3 years, Joel and Drew have specialized in wedding photography and filmmaking. Dot Dash wedding films are in high demand in Northern California and beyond. By offering all-inclusive wedding packages, prompt communication, and a genuine desire to capture life’s best moments, Dot Dash has grown a large local following. With the early success of the business, Joel took a leap of faith and quit his full time management position at Nugget Markets in the Fall of 2018 to focus entirely on expanding his production company. Since then, Dot Dash Productions has produced a feature documentary, After Juvie, and has partnered with Ethel England of Filmora Films on several other short films. Weddings are still the main source of income for Dot Dash, but the team has always shared a larger vision.

With the help of the brilliant Ethel England, Dot Dash is on track for the best year yet. We have several original films in the works, and are fundraising for an all new mini-series code named "The Melvin Project"




Joel Bringolf

As Production Director, Bringolf oversees all operations and personnel at Dot Dash. Bringolf co-founded Dot Dash with Drew Disney in 2016. As an accomplished filmmaker, Bringolf is the head of production and all technical aspects of filmmaking. He is also the main point of contact for Wedding clients, and manages scheduling and logistics for our wedding calendar. Bringolf's first documentary, After Juvie, premiered in the summer of 2019.


Ethel England

England spearheads all creative ventures for the company. England writes scripts, directs actors and has built a network of local talent looking for an outlet to create. Her previous experience with directing local theatre productions, working several years with the El Dorado County of Education, and being a SAG- E actor represented by the most respected talent agency in San Francisco, Stars the Agency, gives her a unique blend of knowledge on the arts and customer service. Because of this, England is the advisor for local businesses and artists to get their ideas from script to screen.


Drew Disney

As Operations Manager for Dot Dash, Disney oversees client relations and makes connections in the community. Disney brings his experience as an operations manager for Palm Tile and Stone Gallery. He handles day to day operations on site, emails, phone calls and consultations. Disney is also a professional photographer and camera operator, and operates our portrait photography studio, podcasting studio, and sound stage rentals.